Yamaha Venova Review – Few Facts on Yamaha’s Venova Saxophone

Yamaha Venova review

Yamaha is one such music brand that never fails to impress you with all of the unique and mindblowing designs. Over 36 years of expertise and a defined philosophical framework, Yamaha manages to capture all the special moments through their instruments. So today, in this article, I will be reviewing one of the most loved instruments of the brand, Venova. If you love saxophones and still do not want to carry a massive load, then here is the lightweight, easy-to-carry, and simple instrument. 

Yamaha Venova review 

So let’s have a quick look over the few features the brand guarantees to provide. 

Key Features:

The four main features that make Yamaha Venova unique are as follows:

  1. It is a very compact and lightweight casual wind instrument that you can carry everywhere along with you. 
  2. It is water-resistant, so you need not worry about playing it anywhere, anytime. 
  3. You can play it very quickly as it has close fingering space. 
  4. It has a very rich and natural tone that fulfills all your desires for a saxophone. 

So these were a few of the guaranteed features provided by the brand. Apart from this, you can choose the Venova recorder saxophone from two variants. Both of these products serve you with all the above features mentioned. 

Yamaha Classic Original Venova (YVS-100)

yamaha venova yvs-100This is the original piece by Yamaha and is a very handy wind instrument with a completely unique design. It depicts the mixture of the clarity of a recorder and the accurate sound of a saxophone.


Yamaha Alto Venova (YVS-120)

yamaha venova yvs-120Yamaha Alto Venova is the new upgraded fun instrument with a comparatively larger body. This mouthpiece is designed to produce a more mellow, deep sound and focus on the lower tones. So if you are a beginner or want to learn to play music, then this alto saxophone is ideal for learners. If you are a professional, then you would definitely have fun while playing this. Buy-from-Amazon

Appreciated and Awarded 

In today’s world, where competition never ends, and people come up with new things every minute, Yamaha’s original Venova has managed to receive appreciation. This design has been recognized as the most innovative design worldwide and has been praised with 2017 good design grand awards. Not only that, but in 2018, Venova also received a grand award at Design or Asia Award. 

How To Play Yamaha Venova Saxophone

You will find multiple guides on the internet through videos and once you purchase the Venova too. So here are the steps you need to follow to learn how to play this saxophone. 

  1. You need to prepare and set the ligature and reed. 
  2. Once done, you need to stand straight and place the instrument in your mouth, and set your lower lip. You can gently hold the upper front teeth for grip. 
  3. Now all you need to do is take a deep breath, close your lips completely around the saxophone and blow it. 
  4. You can also change notes by playing fingers on holes similar to that you do with a recorder. 

Final Review:

Overall the Venova and Alto Venova are just ideal for roaming around and playing your tunes. These do not require any space and have a slim and compact case too. When it comes to price range, they are perfect, and you can count on these for a longer run. According to me, Yamaha Venova is the next-gen saxophone, and you must get one for yourself now. I hope you liked this review, also, do let us know your thoughts on this one. 

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