Vocoder Vs Talkbox – Choose Best Instrument for You

Vocoder or Talk box

Vocoder Vs Talkbox – This post is about reviewing two devices that are used by top musicians in the pop music industry. The Vocoders are used to enhance the vocals in pop music while the Talkbox utilized to transfer modulated sound to a musician’s mouth with the help of a surgical pipe. Here we are going to see in a detailed comparison of Vocoder Vs Talkbox – one device alters the voice of the singer, the other voice reforms the sound of musical instruments.

Vocoder Vs Talk Box

Vocoder – Origin, History, and Use:

Vocoder – Origin, History, and Use:The invention of Vocoder was recorded in 1928 when an engineer named Homer Dudley was experimenting with the transfer of information with limited speech, so the communication of the message becomes faster. It was the time of World War 2, where the Vocoder was given to people to pass on necessary information to generals in charge.

However, the first use of Vocoder as a music application got recorded in 1969. It inspired Robert Moog to use the modular synthesizer to create a sound that got used in the track “A Clockwork Orange.” Later, pop artists like Pink Floyd, Basshunter, and Kraftwerk used Vocoder to create impressive tracks for the world to hear.

How does the Vocoder Work?

The Vocoder is a device that analyzes speech, measures the frequency band of the voice, and then stores the data in numbers. Then it re-creates the same voice by reversing the entire process by eliminating the original voice and turning it to robotic sound. The modulation of the pitch from the device using the synthesizer, a musical sound, appears with comprehensible vocals. 

Talkbox – Origin, History, and Use:

Vocoder Or Talk Box Talkbox – Origin, History, and Use:While somewhere the Vocoder was getting prepared for the world, Alvino Rey, renowned pedal steel guitarist, accidentally used a throat microphone to attune his guitar tone for one of his tracks. However, after not getting much of a positive reaction, this experiment was dropped for the future. 

Then in 1971, the first fully functioning Talkbox was recreated by Bob Heli. This newly created device launched on the stage of rock music performance. If you want to hear that iconic sound, then play the track “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi where the sound was used. After a lot of alterations and immense success, Talkbox became part of famous bands like The Eagles, Tool, and Metallica. Till today, many artists pay a significant amount on Talkbox, where they can modulate sound with their voices.

Vocoder Vs Talkbox – Which One is the Winner?

Choosing a winner among these two great devices seems like a task. Based on usage by some of the biggies in the pop music industry, Talkbox appears to be leading. From rock and roll legends to pop artists, everyone seems to be a fan of Talkbox. There are Talk Box wired versions available online like Dunlop and MXR M222, expensive wireless versions like ElectroSpit ESX-1 are also available for buying.

On the other hand, Vocoders has a separate fan base. If we look back at the history of the pop music industry, Vocoders has aided musicians in creating great tracks. Rock music is powerful with some intense music, and Vocoder helps create a balance between voice and sound to emit a record that is pleasing to ears.

Both the machines are helpful in their way to control high pitched vocals, synthesized music and manipulate the tone to make one music track. The use of Talkbox or Vocoder depends on its use by the musician. One is used to alter the vocal and other to merge the vocal in music.

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