Luna Guitars – Expert Reviews to Read Before Purchasing

Luna Guitars

Luna guitars are very popular among beginners and intermediate guitar players, especially the female players because of their aesthetic. They are often misunderstood due to this because users think they focus more on looks than sound. 

However, many people who purchased Luna guitars said that they found a balance between sound and aesthetics. This is one of the reasons why Luna guitars are trending. When you check online, you will find multiple options of these guitars. There are various models, both electric and acoustic, that may take your fancy. This is why the question arises – which one should you select?

And we are here to answer exactly that question. 

Luna Guitars 

We have picked out some of the most popular Luna guitars available at the moment and reviewed them for your convenience. Please go through.

1. Luna Gypsy Dreadnought Guitar – 12-String

Luna Gypsy Dreadnought Guitar – 12-String Easily affordable and good-looking – these are the 2 main features of the Luna Gypsy Dreadnought Guitar. The 12-string variant is made out of mahogany wood and promises a number of features. A few of them are:

  1. The entire body of the guitar is made of mahogany, thanks to which it produces an excellent tonal punch. It also helps you achieve midrange consistency.
  2. The guitar has a specifically designed neck profile that lends a lot of comfort while playing.
  3. Its stringers are beautiful and black. They have excellent moon-phase fret markers and rosettes inspired by Celtic traditions. 
  4. It has 20 frets and 12 strings.
  5. The finishing of the guitar is satin natural.
  6. The construction is set neck.
  • Easy to play and very comfortable
  • Sounds great
  • Does not come tuned
  • No case or carry bag


2. Luna Gypsy Grand Auditorium Guitar 

Luna Gypsy Grand Auditorium Guitar The Grand Auditorium Guitar is another gem in the crown of Luna Guitars. It has multiple specific features that make it wonderful and worth a shot. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. The body is made of mahogany while the fretboard is made of rosewood. The bridge is made of rosewood as well.
  2. It has a natural glossy finish that makes it aesthetically appealing.
  3. It has 20 frets and a set neck type construction.
  4. The inlays are inspired from MOP moon phase.
  5. It is a full-size guitar that’s ideal for all students.
  • Sounds great
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Affordable
  • A few users have experienced slight buzzing
  • The fret bars may not be perfect

3. Luna Gypsy Quilt Top – Acoustic/Electric Guitar 

Luna Gypsy Quilt Top – Acoustic/Electric GuitarIf you are looking for an eye-popping guitar, this one’s for you! It is acoustic/electric and comes in various bright colors such as gloss natural, trans red, trans purple, and trans teal. But before you get enthralled, please go through its features:

  1. It is an exotic-looking guitar made especially for beginners.
  2. It has a mahogany body and a rosewood finger board. The bridge is black walnut, while the top material is quilt ash.
  3. The guitar’s pre-amp type is Luna RD-0904TL.
  4. It has been designed to offer comfort and playability together.
  5. Its design and color are sure to turn heads.
  • A superb choice for those who want great sound and aesthetics
  • Highly affordable
  • None


4. Luna Aurora Borealis Guitar 

Luna Aurora Borealis Guitar This Luna guitar ¾ acoustic is for all those who want a guitar that’s cute and easy to play. It is available in 2 colors – pink pearl and black, and comes with a range of features such as:

  1. While the neck material is mahogany, the top and body are made of rosewood. The fretboard, on the other hand, is made of black walnut.
  2. The guitar has 19 frets.
  3. It is sized for petite hands and guarantees comfortable playing.
  4. On the neck of this guitar, you will see the moon phase fretmarkers that Luna is popular for. 
  5. This guitar has 6 strings.
  • Good sound quality
  • Sturdy and beautiful
  • Slightly larger than other ¾ guitars
  • Made only for kids and tiny hands


5. Luna Gypsy Muse Parlor Guitar 

Luna Gypsy Muse Parlor GuitarHere’s another beautiful and functional guitar from the Luna Gypsy series. This is a full parlor guitar, completely made of mahogany wood. Some of its attractive features are as follows:

  1. It has 21 frets and 6 strings.
  2. It is an ideal choice for adults and young students.
  3. The strings are made out of steel.
  4. It looks really good and delivers excellent sound.
  5. The guitar has pearl moon inlays.
  • Excellent hardware and fret work
  • Sounds great and loud
  • The neck is heavy and narrow

From these options of Luna Guitars, you may have assessed that the series is quite affordable. Also, contrary to the popular belief, Luna focuses just as much on sound as it does on aesthetics. So, feel free to pick the one that you love the most!


Now, let’s learn a little more about Luna guitars.

Who makes Luna guitars?

Alex Morgan designs them in the UK and Yvonne de Villiers designs them in the USA. They are manufactured based on the given designs in Korea and China.

Is Luna a good brand?

Yes, it ticks most boxes including usability, looks, and comfort.

Are Luna guitars good quality?

Yes, they are actually of pretty good quality especially for the price they come at.

What is a Luna guitar?

Luna Guitar or Luna is a company that manufactures musical instruments. It sells steel-string guitars, cajones, ukuleles, and mandolins.


Luna Guitars are definitely worth a purchase because they are great to look at and very comfortable to pay. They also last long and barely, if ever, give troubles. Make sure you buy one based on your preferences so that your guitar suits your personality. All the best!

If you need any more recommendations, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

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