Ibanez vs Jackson – Know the Difference before buying a guitar

Ibanez vs Jackson

People who are long-time fans of metal or rock music know that an excellent electric guitar can uplift the entire song and its vibe. Musicians often use electric guitars in metal music to create a vibe that helps to escapes the ordinary. Rock and metal music garnered a lot of attention in the late ’80s. Several bands started playing music using a set of musical instruments that consisted of electric guitar, drums, electric bass, acoustic guitar, and more that are placed in the genre of what we now call rock music. 

Multiple elements of this music became popular among the masses, and it also kickstarted a craze for electric guitars, which was not that common before that. Since then, many people have started following this genre and started looking out for the best options for buying an electric guitar. 


And well, there are and still two such guitars that are known to be classic, versatile, and ideal for this type of music – Jackson Dinky and Ibanez RG. Due to their striking similarity in some features, people started comparing both these guitars to know which one is better. The debate of finding the better one is still on, and through this blog, we want to help you understand which one you should opt for according to your requirements. But before jumping onto the differences and our verdict, let us quickly go through the introduction of both these guitars individually.

Jackson Dinky and Ibanez RG

Jackson was one of the few companies that came with the electric guitars, and its series Dinky became a classic among the rock music lovers. Like Jackson, Ibanez was also popular in the late ’80s and their series RG was one of the series that had numerous models, and it quickly became the most popular series of Ibanez. 

Now that we know a little about both these guitars let us see how they differ from one another. 

Ibanez vs Jackson

Jackson DinkyIbanez RG
Jackson guitars have a “C” shaped neck and feature a rosewood fretboard, making it beginner-friendly. Ibanez guitars have a wider neck and it also has medium fret to get the speed required while playing. 
It has a double-cutaway body like Ibanez with jumbo frets and dual pickups that ensure the high output sound. It also features a double-cutaway body with rosewood fret and the availability of different combinations of pickups. 
There are many models available in the series of Jackson Dinky that differ in configuration. Ibanez RG series also has several models that quickly became famous among rock music lovers. 
The models from this range have seven strings that are lefty models that are available as well, along with hardtail ones. Ibanez RG series has models that come in trem & non-trem style with versions of six, seven, or eight strings to choose from.

Which one is better?


It becomes challenging to decide which one is better among both the guitars because their similarities are uncanny. Right from their overall built to the pricing range, there are tiny differences between both these guitars. The playability differs from one guitar to another guitar, but both these series are the best ones to opt for. 

Those who like intensive rhythm tones and high music output are often inclined towards Jackson, while solo performers prefer Ibanez due to its sound quality. Both these brands are renowned worldwide for their unbeatable performance and sound quality. So whatever you choose as per your requirement, you will end up investing in a fantastic guitar for yourself. 

Concluding Remarks

Making choices related to any form of art is very subjective. Somebody might be drawn to one particular feature of a guitar, whereas others might not even notice it. Hence it is better to know a little about the guitars and opt for the one you think is suitable for you. You can also check out reviews from the buyers and know their experience before taking a final call on which guitar to choose. 

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