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How To Remove Guitar Knobs – 3 Easy No-Tool Methods With Zero Damage

How To Remove Guitar Knobs

Hey guys, I have got many requests asking me how to remove guitar knobs without causing damage to guitar and of course ourselves. So I have been using a guitar for ages, and I am using an electric guitar. It would surely sound not right to you all, but yes, I do not use any tool to remove the knobs. It is simple once you get the hang of it but yes you have to be patient else lots of casualties may happen. 

How To Remove Guitar Knobs

At first, I was not sure at all to share my ideas as I found them very homey and vague too. But today I will be sharing with you guys my magical 3 no-tool methods that will make your job easy and you won’t even hurt your instrument. So keep reading and find the methods. 

Method 1. Cloth to the Rescue

Ever imagined that a cloth you use to clean your lenses can now help you to take off guitar knobs. Well, you can thank me later for this. Our 1st on the list is cloth. You can use any thin cloth available at your place. So here’s the method:

  • Slide the cloth below the knobs, and if you have an electric guitar, then you will have to work a bit harder, but you will 100% get there. 
  • Once you slide the cloth, wrap it around the know completely. 
  • Hold the wrapped cloth upwards and pull the cloth with your strength. That’s it!

Do follow this tip and I am sure you will not need any tool after you learn to do this. Also, wear a safety glass while doing this because I badly injured my eye doing this method. You cannot assume your knob will pop out so better be safe than sorry. And knobs hurt harder. 

Method 2. Pick off the knobs with Guitar Picks

This is my personal favourite method because I usually can’t find any cloth that can slide in easily. In this method, I will be using 2 guitar picks. You can use your old picks because that is what it does. Here are chances of breakage of picks so please do not use the one that you love to play with. 

  • Take 2 picks and slide it at the bottom of knobs.
  • Create space for the picks to get in well. 
  • Once you are sure that the picks are in well, boom yank off. 

I call it my favourite because I follow this method more. Also kept it in number 2nd because it sometimes breaks my picks (1 out of 10 times) And according to me and my experience, you will learn this method the most quickly. 

Method 3. A spoon is a Boon

The reason I have kept this method for last is that it does not work on all the guitar. Like it only works on guitars that do not have very tight knobs stuck with the surface. But yes you can try this for sure. Not on the electric guitar but other ones. All you need here is a thin cloth and a tipped spoon. 

  • Create a space for the cloth to settle. (cloth will protect your guitar from any scratches or so)
  • Once you place the cloth, then insert the spoon just like the lever.
  • Move your spoon a bit so that it forms a grip and loosen the knobs. 
  • Once you get hold of it, then yank off the knob at once.  

See how helpful that kitchen spoon is. Always create room for the spoon to make its place and then pull it off. I am 1000% sure that these methods will be useful to you. After using this method, you won’t search for any screwdriver or any other damageable tool.

Bottom Line:

I always have an issue with the plastic that is stuck under the volume and tone knobs. And even after that, I maintain a healthy routine and clean my guitar once in a week to prevent rust, dirt and debris. So I do not feel the need to use tools when these objects can help me get off the knobs. Do tell me in the comments below if you have liked my methods. And do try them out. Bye, for now, will be back with more cool hacks and tips.

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