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How to Hook Up Amp Without RCA Jacks – Tips and Tricks

How to Hook Up Amp Without RCA Jacks

If you have an old car studio system, then it will surely have no RCA jacks. To hook up an additional amp to your car without RCA jacks can be a bit difficult task for some of you. You should install an additional amplifier to increase the power of the speakers. So in this article, you will find the best 3 ways to hook up amps without RCA jacks. These methods are good but require some or the other equipment to make sure you choose one method that suits you the best. 

3 Simple Ways To Hook Up Amp Without RCA Jacks

Connecting Speaker Wire Along With An RCA Adapter

RCA Adapter

So in the 1st way, you can simply learn how to add an amp to the audio setup of your car. Here you news two RCA plugs and now connect wires of the speakers to the RCA plug. By doing so, you will give a boost in the audio, and a more clear and loud sound with increased bass can be expected. 

Installation of high-level Amps

Next up, we need to install high-level amp inputs, which is also known as speaker level input. This way, the voltage will be higher than your RCA input. That is the reason it is called High-level input. With the help of these inputs, you can definitely get a much clearer and amazing sound quality. 

If you want to hook up Amp by this method, then you need to run the red power wire from the amplifier to the vehicle’s firewall via battery and fuse holder. In this way you route the wire under seats or door panels too. Once you get the audio signals for the speakers, run the amplifier. Strip back the colour code with each speaker left and right wires and connect the wires leading to the amplifier. And that’s all; it’s done. 

Hook up Amp with Line Output Converter

Line Output ConverterA line output converter level signals to RCA signals that are used by an amplifier. This is a two-way channel or mono channel amplifier. This is a must-try method to hook up an amp without using RCA jacks. Just make sure that before you start with the installation, find all the leads connecting the radios, amplifiers and speakers. It would generally be at the back of the head unit. Using a wire stripper, strip away insulation for about one inch. Make sure you solder the converter’s wire with the speaker’s wire and secure it with tape. Next, you need to secure the LOC to your vehicle and insert RCA cables. Now just run the cables to your amplifier. 

Bottom Line:

So after trying these 3 ways, I am sure that you will be hooked up without RCA jacks. If you also have an old audio system in your car and want something to amplify the sound, then the above mentioned are the best way to do so. I hope you must have liked the article and will follow the ways to make your radio music louder. 

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