How to Cut Guitar Strings – Easy Tips and Tricks to Cut Strings

How to cut guitar strings

My dear guitar friends, I know the hassle of changing strings now and then. But you what, you don’t need to go to the studio to change your strings. You can do it yourself at home. Want to know how? Keep reading below.

Before jumping onto the cutting session, you must gather a few things with you. These little helpers are going to save your time and make your work way easier. cut guitar strings

  • A wire cutter
  • A string winder
  • Guitar strings
  • A cotton/microfiber cloth
  • Some kind of oil 
  • And cotton pads or balls

Also, here I want to mention that lemon oil is the best kind of oil you need to restore the fingerboards, and it is totally an option to use it. 

How to Cut Guitar Strings

You need to follow the step by step method, and voila, you will easily be able to cut the guitar strings super easily. Keep all the things gathered around you that is mentioned above. These are the must-haves as you don’t want to stand up every now and then to get everything.

Step 1
Things are getting interesting, and I know your excitement too. Before you go nuts, quickly loosen the strings and make sure you don’t cut it anyway while it is tuned. Directly cutting the tuned string will flick the string, and oops, you will get hurt. 

Step 2
Once you loosen the string, now you have to cut the string. For this, you will need a wire cutter and now firmly cut the string around the soundhole. Remember, do not gut the string near the bridge or near the nut. 

Guitar sting
Note: Here, we are going to replace the whole set of the strings, and thus we have to follow more steps, but if you have a single faulty string, then you can replace one string and do not need to follow the other steps. 

Step 3
Here I would like to give you a bit of advice first. If you want to cut the whole set of the string, then make sure you don’t cut them altogether. This will relieve the neck from the string tension and may lead to the wood wrap.  Cut two strings at a time and clean the fingerboard of the guitar. You can soak cotton balls/pad with the oil and gently apply on the board. Soon you will see the original color of the fingerboard.

Step 4
Now moving ahead with the string winder’s help, remove the bridge pins, and consistently coil the rest of the guitar strings. These are anyway going to be disposed of but coiling them will help you easily trashing them. Now manually uncoil the strings that are attached with the tuner. 

Step 5
You are doing great, keep going, and we are about to finish. Take the end of your string and re-install along with the bridge-pins. Make sure you insert the shaft well. 

Step 6
Take the guitar string now and cut the working end, now tuning the pegs is necessary. You can measure 3 inches from the pegs and cut later to get the coil tuned tightly. 

Step 7
Slowly when you insert the working end on the tuning peg, you will need to twist the knob in the right direction, and this will tighten your strings. Now twist the tuners anticlockwise. After this, you need to press the string and turn the knob to ensure if your strings are coiled well. 

Step 8
This way, the strings will be properly in place, and it is very normal if your strings even come out. It happens with the fresh strings; make sure you perform the proper readjustments, and you are good to go. 

I hope I have helped you pass through the process and successfully cut the guitar strings. Now, what are you waiting for? Play your heart out.

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