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Every music producer today use specific software to alter the tone of their music. While you might find this new, using these sounds can be seen in the ’80s and 90’s soundtrack. The merge of these sounds creates a dramatic effect in these music pieces. Today if a music producer wants to build its signature music, they can experiment with the help of rompler vst, which opens a massive portal of soft synths to create electronic music. To give you a detailed insight into this topic, our team has selected the experts’ best romplers vst, all checked and reviews by the pros. 

Best Rompler VST by Experts

1. BeatSkillz Retro Keys for Rompler

BeatSkillz Retro Keys

Our list’s first product is the famous Retro Keys by BeatSkillz, which features 100+ Multisample and Multi-velocity Patches. This software was a heartfelt tribute to the iconic soundtrack style of the ’80s. It is the best rompler vst for working in music styles like Pop, Trap, Dance Music and EDM. If we look at the product from the price point of you, its steal deal as you get patches from original synths like Yamaha DX7, Roland D-50, PROPHET 5, EMULATOR II and many more.

Let’s take a quick look at the highlighting features of BeatSkillz Retro Keys Rompler VST:

  • There are 100+ Patches, Multisample and Multi-velocity 
  • To add the vibe of 80’s the vst comes with NEVE 1073, Distressor, Drawmer 1978 and API 2500.
  • For effect enhancement, one can use Eventide and Lexicon. 
  • To Attack or Release of the control, access the amp envelope directly.
  • There is LFO through which you can alter the pitch of sound and waveform. 

2. W.A. Production AscensionW.A. Production Ascension

Termed by the company as “ultra-powerful dance music workstation”, W.A. Production Ascension with a power data of 60 midi loops, 130 presets, and 440+ M.B. of ROM. This software stands out as the cutting-edge synth that is backed by six envelopes – 2 amp and filter and four mod. This software gives you a giant floor to experiment with your soundtracks also there are many options to alter sound pitch and time as per suitability. 

Some eye-catching features of W.A. Production Ascension are as below:

  • This synthesiser plugin supports 2 LFO’s, six envelopes and a wide range of effects to create your waveform.
  • Get access to 60 midi loops, 130 presets, and over 440 MB of ROM all that at a low price. 
  • The 10 G.B. library includes fat basses, dance pianos, searing synths, choirs, and pads that work in sync with the oscillators.

3. Neo-Soul Bundle by Bundles+ for RomplerNeo-Soul Bundle by Bundles+ for Rompler

This software is made and sold exclusively by the Plugin Boutique holds the sounds of three involuted musical instruments and a single sample pack. The new collection of Bundle+ is worth every penny if you are interested in creating a vintage music piece by accessing 60 music styles. The plugin has 22 Legendary instruments, 100 MIDI files, and Poly, Legato and Mono modes that match vintage instruments’ legendary sound. 

Neo-Soul Bundle an exclusive collection of Plugin Boutique have these features:

  • There are five velocity layer in this VSt for more delicate touch to the sound and punch. 
  • The 100 MIDI files from 22 legendary musical instruments include chord progression, basslines and solos.
  • All the major essential controls are easily accessible that works on the tine, tone bar, mallet and pickup.
  • Get easy ingress to Mono, Poly, and Legato modes. 

4. RetroVOLT by BeatSkillzRetroVOLT by BeatSkillz

The last one in the list is the RetroVOLT filled with nostalgic vibes of the ’80s. We all somewhere are attached to the 80’s music, so the BeatSkillz created a rompler vst, a perfect blend of samples and sync of legendary music. There are 500 presets all derived from 2.5 GB content with synth engine. Five patterns can change the music patter and controls to alter Tempo, Swing, Octave, etc. 

RetroVOLT romplers vst comes with some eye-catching features as below.

  • RetroVOLT is one of the best romplers with fantastic synth depth to work.
  • Get easy access to the F.X. section and ARP. 
  • Get hold of the 80’s sound all stored in the 2.5 GB library.
  • The arpeggiator is divided into three lanes to alter pitch, velocity, and note length.


The Romplers VST is for those who are into electronic music and tend to give a distinctive style to its track. If you are looking for the best rompler, you need to see the software’s morphing capabilities and the room for experience on different sounds. We have listed down the four rompler vst as per the data, addons and features to choose so you can build explosive soundtracks. 

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