Best Mellotron VST – A Perfect Buying Guide for Smooth and Warm Sound

Best Mellotron VST

While mellotron vst is not something you get to hear every day, this type of sound was once part of the Beatles and Pink Floyd popular tracks. If you are working on a music piece that holds the new vibe yet needs a warm tone, you need to dig for the best free mellotron vst. This software is essential is want to give old school touch to any track yet able to create something that connects today’s generation. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best mellotron plugin available online.

Five Best Mellotron VST Available Online:

1. Arturia Mellotron V

Arturia Mellotron V

Arturia is one of the biggest brands for creating some iconic sounding VST’s in the market. They offer fantastic MIDI controllers and a combination of sounds that help you make par excellence music. The Mellotron V compromises of 65 original tapes with 61 factory presets. The software allows you to combine three different tracks and manipulate different noises to create the hum you want. Each sample created in the software is easy to alter with loop controls and other effects.

Arturia Mellotron V Plugin is available with these fantastic features:

  • Arturia offers the biggest library of sounds for mellotron vst.
  • The software plugin holds 65 tape racks all neatly customed in 61 factory presets.
  • Allows a user to blend three tacks in one go with further modulations.
  • The room ambience and amp simulator to add enigmatic effects to the track.
  • Most recommended software for adding classic tones to the song.

2. Wavesfactory Newmello Collection

Wavesfactory Newmello Collection

If the Mellotron seems to be too pricy, then try the Newmello Collection by Wavesfactory. The best mellotron plugin comes with unique 75 mellotron instruments which can range from flutes, strings, horns, woodwinds, organs, choirs, woodblocks, piano, and even guitar. The interface is simple; a knob dedicated to listening to the noise, switching between tracks and specific section to alter the sounds and unclasp the envelopes.

Budget-friendly Wavesfactory Newmello Collection is available with these features:

  • Small-sized installation file which helps user if they are using low memory computer or laptops.
  • Newmello Collection has 75 mellotron instruments and a 3x round-robin to get the classic effect on any music piece.
  • The FX Panel is user friendly, and the interchangeable modules are straightforward to work.
  • For additional results, you can use EQ, Modulation Effect, Distortion, 40IRs, Compressor, and Tape saturation, all that can be placed in any order by the user.

3. Vir2 Instruments’ VI.ONE

Vir2 Instruments' VI.ONEVI One is a product for those who want to access a massive library of instruments one can imagine. Based on the popular NI’s Kontakt Player on the front-end, this is the best mellotron plugin with a 21 GB of high-quality sample sounds of 2000 musical instruments. The user interface is simple, with easy access to onscreen EQ and reverb controls. You can use the Kontakt Player 5 engine that supports VST, RTAS, AudioUnit, or DXi plugins.

The Big VI.ONE has impressive features all stated below:

    • Sample library consists of 2000 musical instruments sounds, so you get access to sound for any musical model.
    • The Kontakt Player 5 is easy to use, also supports DXi plug-ins, RTAS, AudioUnit and VST.
    • At the given price, the customer gets many sample sounds that are not available with other software.

4. Arturia V Collection 8Arturia V Collection 8

If the search is for a retro charm music collection representing the tune from the pioneering days, then V Collection 8 might work for you. This bundle holds some of the most iconic synthesisers and keyboards sound one can ever hear. The best part is each sound is hand-picked by the master to merge past tones with today’s soundtrack. V Collection 8 has done some significant updates by launching four Vocoder V, Jun-6V, OB-Xa V, Emulator II V and two upgrades in Stage-73 V and Jup-8 V.

Arturia V Collection 8 has launched with some fantastic new features:

  • The best mellotron vst with 10000 high-quality recorded using TAE® and Phi® proprietary technologies of Arturia, so each sound reflects the original instrument.
  • Smarter MIDI to enjoy ultimate control on sounds, alteration, and merging of tracks.
  • This VST is DAW-compatible, so it is suitable for both beginners and the Mellotron Plugin masters.
  • A thorough and thorough tutorial will guide you on every step from using the software to using essential control, sound designing, and much more.
  • An inbuilt browser will help you reach a particular instrument, type of sound, or even tone designer and help save preset for the future.

5. Arturia Analog Lab V

Arturia Analog Lab VArturia Analog Lab V is all about modern preset and a fantastic set of vintage sounds in modern songs. This software is specially designed for the performer, sound designer, producer and vintage synth user as you get access most iconic synth. Another section that makes it a good software is the tutorial you usually don’t get with other mellotron vst.

Arturia Analog Lab V is available will all these fantastic features:

  • A comprehensive collection of 2000 presets and patches of vintage synth plugins.
  • Get the choice to choose from the interface studio view, library view and stage view.
  • There are ten integrated effects which will enhance the impact of the sound.

Final Say:

The Mellotron VST is a useful plugin if you have extensive work in the music studio. If you want to create a modern track with a twist of classic rock or some other classical musical twist, then Mellotron will do the job. If you are sceptical about spending the money, then there are the best free mellotron vst that are available online for download. The above mentioned are the top five best mellotron plugin available each with its own speciality. You can pick anyone as per your work style for creating music with a hint of classic notes.

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