Best Jazz Trombone – Top Reviews for Melodies Memories from Experts

Best Jazz Trombone

Imagine the world without music. Wait, wait, please don’t, it will be too harsh to handle. You, me, and everyone will agree that music helps in our day to day lives in some or other way. Whether it’s healing, mental relief, focus on work, or just to lift up the mood. IT HELPS. Just remember those days when you would sit on your desk and just wonder when you’ll finish the work and head out. And then you play jazz music for work, right? I know that is what you search for, and you actually become Flash. Within no time, you get motivated, and voila, the work is done. 

Best Jazz Trombone

In this article, we are going to list out the top 7 jazz trombones that you must go for. These trombones are not the ordinary ones; these are above spectacular. Here are the honest reviews on these best jazz trombones. If you want to become the next Miff Mole, then you should check it out. 

1. Yamaha Store YBL-620G Jazz Trombone 

Yamaha Store YBL-620G

Yamaha is the leading company in producing the best products for your music waves. With Yamaha, encourage the experience of expressing your feelings through music and sound. You can build your creative nest while playing trombone, and oh god, jazz sounds perfect 🙂 Let’s read ahead for more details about the product.

Unique Selling Points:

  • It has all the fine qualities needed in a good trombone
  • It is a vintage instrument with upgraded design and features altogether. 
  •  It is impeccable when it comes to the looks and design of the trombone. 
  • It is just excellent for the projection of better sound quality and plays different music. 
  • Yamaha’s 620 trombone series is the symbol of style performance and glamor. 
  • It has a large bore that gives very strong orchestral outcomes. 
  • It has two-piece bells that give you a quick response, and thus it is perfect for playing jazz. 
  • The construction is also made keeping flexibility in mind while playing. 


2. King Store 2013 3B Legend Series

King Store 2013 3B Legend Series

Want to hear iconic jazz on your trombone? King 3B legend is undoubtedly the best of all. Name a famous trombone player, and you’ll find this instrument being their favorite. This trombone has a unique look along with the touch of the classic design; you will have all the King-like feels. It is an apt trombone for playing jazz, as it offers a real quick response. So without wasting much time, read further.

Unique Selling Points:

  • It is a legendary brand and thus is completely reliable.
  • The model is made especially for jazz music with unmatchable craftsmanship.
  • It has a fast actioning feature needed for playing the codes. 
  • It is a large and lightweight timbre.
  • It also includes a case and mouthpiece along with the trombone on purchase.
  • It also features 508 inches bore for professional playing. 
  • It is majorly used in studios by experts. 
  • It has a silver outer lining.
  • It also has 8 inches of the bell to respond to the notes quickly. 


3. Easter Store ETB-330 Jazz Trombone 

Easter Store ETB-330

The Easter store has that vintage piece for you that will never go old and perform better over the years. If you want your music career to be known in history, then your vintage trombone partner is Easter. From design to performance, it is marvelous. You won’t be disappointed and would crave it more and more.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Most importantly, it has better vibration while performing that maintains the tuning between the trombonist and the trombone itself. 
  • The slices are durable and wear-resistant. 
  • It comes with a lightweight Pard case to provide support while traveling. 
  • It has a very bright penetrating sound perfect for jazz. 
  • The package contains items like white gloves, gold lacquer trombone, telescopic oil, short brush, cleaning rod, shoulder pad, wipes, 7 C mouth, a hard box, and 12 months of shelf life. 


4. Selmer Prelude TB711

Selmer Prelude TB711

Want to find a trombone at an affordable range with great ease of performance? Selmer Prelude is the one. Prelude is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to use for the time being. It has a completely balanced design and is perfect for young and aspiring players to learn basic and even play professionally. 

Unique Selling Points:

  • It is a genuine vincent mouthpiece, especially for students, beginners, and learners. 
  • It has 8 inches of two yellow brass bells for creating the melodies music. 
  • It has a very balanced weight that keeps the mouthpiece easy to use. 
  • Along with the jazz trombone, users will also get a hardshell case along with a slide cream from the bach. 
  • It has outer slides made of brass that makes the look of the trombone very beautiful. 
  • It has an 8inch bell with 500 bores. 
  • The outer hand slide is made of silver nickel. 


 5. Mendini by Cecilio Store MTB-L+92D+PB Jazz Trombone 

Mendini by Cecilio Store MTB-L+92D+PB

Here comes the most affordable, amazon’s choice itself, Mendini by Cecilio. Your search for an affordable yet chic trombone ends here. Listening to your favorite jazz melodies is not just a dream now. Mendini by Cecilio has an affordable range of trombones for students and aspiring trombonists. Be it quality, looks, or performance; it stands apart and never fails to impress you. 

Unique Selling Points:

  • It is an ideal instrument for any aspiring jazz musician and trombonist. 
  • It is very affordable and reliable. 
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty plan on the purchase if any manufacturing defect is found.
  • It also has a chromatic tuner, pocketbook, case, gloves, and cleaning cloth included in the package. 
  • Mendini has various ranges of different trombones, and if you are in school and colleges, then this is your go-to instrument.
  • It is ultra-lightweight and easy to handle during shows or concerts.


6. Moz Moz-GP-123Moz Moz-GP-123

Another amazing trombone mouthpiece is from Moz. It is surely different from others in looks, structure, and even uses. This professional mouthpiece is for jazz trombonists and professionals. It is also ideal for students and learners. If you want yourself to be concert ready, then you must opt for Moz. 

Unique Selling Points:

  • The marvelous Moz is completely made of gold lacquer finish. 
  • It has unique detailed craftsmanship that makes it stand apart from others. 
  • It is perfect for events, concerts, jazz nights, and much more. 
  • It is actually worth every penny. 
  • Also, it is quite reasonable and reliable. 
  • It is made up of durable quality brass. 
  • It has a smooth sliding feature to prevent excess rough noise. 
  • It has a beautiful hard black-colored case included in the package. 


7. Kaizer TBNE-1000LQ Jazz Trombone 

Kaizer TBNE-1000LQ

Our last blast to the list of products is Kaizer. This article would be incomplete without including this masterpiece for you all. Kaizer is one of the most reliable brands in the market when it comes to purchasing musical instruments. It offers different labels of instruments for various levels of music artists. 

Unique Selling Points:

  • It is built to last forever as it has a very tough structure. 
  • It is made with premium quality yellow brass that makes it even stronger. 
  • Though heavy material is used in the making, it is lightweight. 
  • It also enhances tonality and durability in comparison with other products. 
  • It also eliminates corrosion over the span of time. 
  • The look is completely jaw-dropping due to the lacquered finish and coating. 
  • The trombone is made to withstand the harshness and rough usage. 
  • It comes with a simple hard case in the package itself. 


Few of the Best Jazz Trombone Players:

There are so many gem trombonists, but here are few legendary ones. These trombonists actually made the music industry grow through their art and melodies. We remember and cherish their contribution to music. We would also post a separate article for all our great players soon. Till then, check out the list below.

  1. Miff Mole
  2. Jack Teagarden
  3. Vick Dickenson
  4. Urbie Green
  5. JJ Johnson
  6. Kai Windig
  7. Slide Hampton
  8. Curtis Fuller
  9. Steve Turre
  10. Robin Eubanks

How to Play Jazz Trombone

If you are as excited as me to be a part of jazz culture, let me tell you that trombone has been a staple. Earlier, when I was learning jazz, I would spend almost all day listening to the batin bands. All I wanted was to play jazz with such precision.

So here’s a step by step method that you can follow to learn how to play the trombone.

Start from basics

Like guitar and other instruments, standards are the piece of notes that you need to understand. Make sure you immerse these standards in yourself, and once you learn them, practice it online with a Jazz Fake book. 

Invest in a trombone

Once you have gained knowledge about jazz, you need a good quality trombone, and if you are a beginner, you do not need too much featured one. 

Keep your sight-reading game-high

If you want to become a very accomplished jazz musician, then you must be great at sight-reading to dissect new rhythms on the go. 

Practice makes you perfect.

So for being perfect here, the key is to practice. You can join a band or sign up for free sessions, deal for stand-up gigs and much more. This way, practical learning will improve your playing too. 

You just need to follow these four steps, and you already are a star. So whenever in doubt, swing the notes out. 

Bottom Line: 

In my opinion, genuinely all of the products mentioned above are the best and must-haves. But if I have to choose any one, then I would definitely choose Yahama. Without a doubt, it is not comparable. From features to design to looks, it is out of the world. Talking about performance, every well-known trombonist has been using this vintage trombone. So what are you waiting for now? Go grab your favorite trombone and keep that music chain on. 

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