Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar – Perfect Guide to Buy Guitar Bridge Pins

Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

As you may know, the basic function of bridge pins is to secure the ball ends of the strings to the bridge plate, which is concealed inside your acoustic guitar’s body. Apart from this, bridge pins also affect the sound of your music and your tone. However, the material of the bridge pin doesn’t hold any effect whatsoever. So it gets very necessary to choose the right bridge pin that improves your guitar’s sound and quality of the music.

Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

If you’re looking for the best bridge pins for your acoustic guitar, then we’ve got you covered. Check this article out to see the top 5 bridge pin recommendations along with their features. These reviews are tried and tested, so you can make your comparisons and choose the best one for yourself. 

1. Martin’s luxe Bridge PinMartin’s luxe Bridge Pin

CF Martin and Company is a well known USA-based manufacturer of acoustic guitars and flat top guitars. Not only guitars but many other instruments and accessories too. They have been in the market for the longest time and have designed some of the best quality guitars for over 180 years. The features of this bridge pin for Martin are listed down below.

  • This high-tech pin is made from heavy Liquidmetal. Basically it is a Zirconium alloy which naturally reflects energy instead of absorbing it.
  • The use of Zirconium alloy results in an increase in volume and sustain without having to sacrifice the low-end or richness of your guitar’s tone.
  • It is also extremely durable and will last you for a significantly longer time than the other pins available in the market. 
  • There are a total of 6 bridge pins of red and gold inlay. 


2. Crosby Audio Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pin

Crosby Audio Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pin

Crosby Audio is a Canadian company that is respectably known for its musical instrument accessories such as bridge pins, tuners, cable kits, and more. Choosing such reliable firms makes your purchase trustworthy. Given below are the features of this guitar bridge pin by Crosby Audio.

  • It adds clarity, tone, sustain, and volume to your acoustic guitar.
  • The bone used to make this pin won’t shatter or expand with moisture that can cause the bridge to crack, and it is also meant to last long. 
  • This pure bone bridge pin is easy to remove and features a pronounced collar for the same.
  • This bone enhances the aesthetics of your guitar as it is finely crafted with white ox bone with abalone inlay. 


3. Jinlop Guitar Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

Jinlop Guitar Bridge Pins

If you are looking for a very affordable range of bridge pins, then you have come to the right place. It has 24 guitar pins that are a really good number. These bridge pins from Jinlop have several features, which are mentioned down below. Read ahead to know more about these bridge pins.

  • It comes with 24 guitar pins (12 black and 12 ivory), which fits most of the acoustic guitars and are a great replacement for your old and damaged ones. 
  • It also includes a bridge pin puller for better convenience so that there is no need for you to use pliers or side cutters to pop pegs out and risking damaging the guitar.
  • This pack of bridge pins is made of light plastic material which has long durability and stability. 
  • It can be widely used as it can be applied to not just an acoustic guitar but ukelele, folk guitar, Martin, or Taylor as well.


4. Donner Acoustic Bridge PinsDonner Acoustic Bridge Pins

Donner Store is a young music instrument brand that was founded in 2012, and since then, their mission has been to connect music to people who are music enthusiasts and providing well-designed and affordable products. The products from Donner’s are reliable as it offers according to the taste of the audience. The features of this bridge pin from the Donner store are mentioned down below.

  • This bridge pin is made from Cocobolo wood, which is very rare to find and unlined bone; these pins enable better medium and high-frequency tone.
  • It is widely applicable to most of the guitar brands, is of standard size so that it can be applied to your guitar easily.
  • This pin not only acts as a fixed string, but it can very effectively enhance the sustain on your guitar and can also increase the graininess of mid-high frequency sound. 
  • It comes with a guide string slot too for installation
  • Also, it is equipped with a pin puller so that you can replace the string easily.


5. Big Rock Innovation for Acoustic GuitarBig Rock Innovation for Acoustic Guitar

BigRock Engineering is renowned for its innovative guitar accessories, which are designed ergonomically, such as guitar picks, acoustic guitar bridge pins, and more. This guitar pin from BigRock has varied features, which are mentioned down below.

  • These guitar pins are durable acoustic guitar pins.
  • The pins can be installed simply and quickly, and the best thing about these pins is that once applied, they never need to be removed again, and they come with power plate upgraded and installation tools.
  • These pins protect the bridge and bridge plate by streamlining the tension; they protect the overall integrity of the bridge plate.
  • It can functionally repair the previous damage to your guitar too.
  • They also even the response, increase tone, and clarify the individual character of each string when amplified.
  • It also makes playing, tuning, and restraining easier and is extremely durable and long-lasting. 


Which one is the best of all?

In our opinion, from all the above-mentioned guitar bridge pins, the best one is Jinlop’s guitar bridge pins, which are made of plastic and come in a pack of 24 pins. They also come with a pin puller for convenience, and these guitar bridge pins are a great gifting option for guitar lovers. Another benefit of having Jinlop’s product is that it can be widely applied to other musical instruments as well and not just an acoustic guitar. 

These were our recommendations for the best guitar bridge pins for your acoustic guitar; we hope you found this article useful. You can compare the reviews on amazon and try these bridge pins as they are affordable and very effective for your music.

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