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If you are planning to invest in amazing pairs of Sennheiser headphones then a big thumbs up for you all. And if you actually own HD650, then you might be having some issues. If you are a professional and own a studio then having a vast audio setup of excellent quality is a must-have. The requirements for the amplifier here justify your needs. You can also invest in a DAC. Well, improving sound quality is the only end goal.

If you are someone who just loves music, then you really don’t need any AMP or DAC. But yes many consumers these days prefer to have high-end audio gears for their regular use. Here I must also mention that these AMP’s are very compact gadgets built to produce clear headphones sound. 

Best AMP For HD650

After reviewing a lot of products, we have come up with the best AMP for Sennheiser HD650. Go check out the list of best products and go through the link attached to understand the features in detail.

1. FiiO’s headphone AmpFiiO’s headphone Amp

FiiO’s K3 tiny and portable headphone Amp stands 1st in the list with so many great features. It is just so compact and looks at the smooth finish body. I can also say that it’s just the size of a Tic Tac that you always carry in your pocket. The metal body helps you protect the inner setup and has a different structure from others. FiiO helps you to boost your computer’s sound. It is the combination of high performance and a mixture of components. Now you can also experience a tactile audiovisual experience with this K3 Sennheiser HD650.

Key Features:

  • It has C type USB DAC(digital to analogue converter).
  • It supports up to 32bit/384kHz. 
  • It is very safe to use and has a power supply through the USB port.
  • It has many other ports like lineout, USB audio setter, coaxial output, and circuit protection. 
  • You can also adjust the bass, gains, volume of the music. 
  • It has RGB indicator in the colour blue, yellow, green and red for different modes. 
  • It comes with two shift audio management, 1 for driver-free and 2nd for windows.
  • Further, you can also visit the link given and understand the functioning through a demo video.


2. Aimpire’s hybrid Amp for HD650Aimpire’s hybrid Amp for HD650

If you are in search of a hybrid tube headphone amplifier, then Aimpire’s standard HD650 is the one for you. It will also come under your budget and is a preamp tube amplifier too. It helps you combine smooth and musical sound tubes while playing. It is a complete headphone oriented design with larger speaker systems. The two small vacuums help in amplification of your system and function better. 

Key Features:

  • Here you get one of the most impressive hybrid headphone amplifiers for the best price. 
  • It is designed for low independence through a headphone. 
  • It also requires a high density of current to perform its utmost potential. 
  • This compact tube Amp is every modder’s dream, and you can never miss this. 
  • You can use EF92, EF95 and 408A vacuum tubes and achieve the best sound. 
  • It has a power cord and RCA cables included with the package
  • One also gets gold-plated RCA jacks that create a dramatic look. 
  • This tube amplifier is best for Sennheiser HD650.
  • It offers versatile and incredible sound signature.


3. Loxjie’s full balanced HD650 Amp

Loxjie’s full balanced HD650 Amp

If you are looking at a mid-range amplifier with all the basic specs then you must go with Loxjie’s fully balanced tube AMP. It is known for its calibration and amplifier circuit. So you can assume that this necessary goes a long way and it is designed great too. You can also use the mute control function from this human-friendly Amp. Let’s know some more features.

Key Features:

  • It is a mini headphone amplifier for Sennheiser HD650. 
  • It has military-grade electronic tubes (6N3) tuned with perfection.
  • It comes in two chic colours, black and red. 
  • The matt finish of the Amplifier makes it look vintage. 
  • The design of the Amp is also different from others.
  • It has powerful drive circuits of 600mw. 
  • It has a balanced interface with a hi-end volume controlling system. 
  • It has an inbuilt memory function for humanized uses. 
  • It is fully built with aluminium CNC. 
  • It is very easy to operate and use on a regular basis, one can look at the guide video for better understanding. (Click Here to see the video)


4. Fosi Audio Tube Amp for Sennheiser HD650

Fosi Audio Tube Amp for Sennheiser HD650

If you are someone who wants to pursue HIFI clear sound, the Fosi has the best tube amplifier. The package comes with one headphone amplifier, 6j vacuum tubes (2), 1 DC 12V Power supply, 1 adapter and AC 110v-240V. One must try this low ground noise compact designed device for clear and high-intensity sound signature. You can also check the different upgraded devices from the brand and choose your pick. Below are a few of the detailed features listed below.

Key Features:

  • It has low ground noise with an inbuilt protective circuit. 
  • It has no ringing and buzzing noise. 
  • It can also be used as a preamp with parallel 3.5mm and RCA inputs.
  • The package also includes a 6.35mm to 3.55mm adapter. 
  • It can give you high performances for headphones 600,650, K791, 702, and many others.
  • It comes in a small compact design, easy to carry.
  • It is made with aluminium alloy that can function for the long run. 
  • It also comes with an 18 months manufacturer’s warranty.


5. Proster’s headphone amplifier 

Proster’s headphone amplifier 

Our last in the list is Proster’s headphone amplifier. You can have a USB power cable, audio cable, user’s manual and headphone amplifier also in this package. If you want long battery life with a very sleek and fashionable design then you must go for Poster’s AMP HD650 headphone. It works best on laptops, DVDs, iPhone, iPods and other phones. You can find detailed specifications below. For further details click the given link and you can go through the brand. 

Key Features:

  • It supports all the headphones of high impedance from 16-500Ω. 
  • Its signal to noise ratio is less than 100Db. 
  • It has fully filtered noise with exceptional sound and no distortion. 
  • It is the most compact-sized Amp with 2400mAH rechargeable battery. 
  • You can work for 16 long hours non-stop. 
  • This professional chip design can be utilized as a preamp.
  • It has a durable surface with a matt shield that reduces the signal interface. 
  • It also improves heat resistance capacity. 
  • One can adjust headphone output through volume control knobs. 


Which is the best AMP for HD650?

In my opinion, FiiO’s K3 is the best headphone amp. It can completely fulfil your needs and provide the desired sound effects. Talking about the size of the amplifier, it is very compact, and you can travel around with no hassle. Rest of the products are great too. You need to find the best match as per your requirements and budget. I hope this article was helpful enough for you all. Quickly purchase your favourite products, and I will be back with more such articles. 

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