Are Silvertone Guitars Good – Is The Brand Worth The Hype?

Are Silvertone Guitars Good

If you are an old-school music lover, then there is no chance that you don’t know Silvertone as a brand. Silvertone is the oldest and most vintage brand of all. It was created in 1916 by Sears. In early 2001 the rights of the brand were transferred to a South Korean corporation named Samick Music. Mainly this brand is known for its uniquely built guitars. Many professional and well-known artists like Hubert Sumlin, Jimmy Page, Link Wray, R.L. Burnside, Elmore James and many more have played the guitars from the brand. There are lots of questions wheather the brand is still intact, are guitars good and many more?

Are Silvertone Guitars Good

So this article is all about the brand and is silvertone guitars good? Here’s a detailed review of the brand. 

Silvertone GuitarsAbout Silvertone

As stated above, the brand was originally created by Sears in 1916. But the production of the instruments and selling stopped in 1972. Later in 2001, Samick music transferred the rights and manufactured products in the name of silvertone. Later, they relaunched some historic pieces with modification too. But what’s old is gold. So it always had space in the hearts of artists, and people still do have the vintage collection of guitars from the brand that was owned during 1916-1972. 

At the beginner’s stage, the brand also sold their premium range of radios and expanded their business by introducing many other musical instruments too. The radio tubes, antenna, and receivers were among the most favourite products of all. 

Are silvertone guitars still available?

You can still grab these guitars as Samick music has rebranded and launched the silvertone guitars on amazon. Moreover, these guitars are relaunched with some modifications, too, so you don’t get the authentic classic silvertone guitars. But there’s always a way out, and you can connect to some vintage shops and look if any of them have this model or not. So this way, you can have an antique guitar.

Also, to those who have the classic model, please do not trash it because it’s worth hundreds now. So you can resell the vintage classic guitar model if you wish to. 

Are Silvertone Guitars Good? Is the brand worth the hype Now?

After the rebranding and relaunching of classic guitars, you can surely buy them. The guitars still have silvertone arched on instruments. The models available these days are upgraded as per the technology and usage. So you can definitely try your hands on it. There are several collectors looking for classic guitars and uniqueness. If you want a detailed review of various guitars from the brand, then do let me know in the comment section below. 

Also, if you have liked this article, do let us know which is your favourite vintage brand. That’s all for now; I will be back with more such informative articles again. 

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